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A unique 2024 LokSabha election analysis

It’s amazing ! The politics of India leaves no chance to surprise you. In Bihar, the government was once again formed and Nitish Kumar took oath as CM for the eighth time, but this whole effort to change the government gave rise to many questions and it is obvious that if there are questions, then there will be discussion. Now the question is only one, whether this distance of Nitish from BJP will affect the Lok Sabha elections 2024? Or is the BJP’s dream of 2024 heading towards breaking?

Its analysis is many but we have brought for you – Super Analysis, that too in your language.

Let us think of India’s electoral map as 3 strips. The 1st one is coastal belt- runs from West Bengal to Kerala plus Punjab and Kashmir. This region has 190 Lok Sabha seats, where last time BJP and its allies won only 42 seats but this time some gain expected in Bengal and Telangana due to strong revival of BJP in this region with three layer approach- Rashtrawad, Hindutva and Labharthi Yojana. Let us assume that the BJP could have sum up with around 50 seats in this space.

We all know that BJP’s seats come from the regions where it dominates- the north west, comprising the hindi heartland, this region has 203 Lok Sabha seats where last time BJP and its allies won 182 seats. The BJP was swept this region in both 2014 and 2019 with strong presence and to see this we can make a generous assumption here that  the BJP continues to dominate this region with some marginal losses due to anti-incumbency factor and could have ended up with around 160 seats in this region.

Now to win 2024 battle, it needs another 65 seats out of 150 in the middle belt- Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar and Jharkhand with hill states like Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya and Manipur where the BJP may face some obstacles to repeat history of 2019- That is 130 seats victory. Lets start with Karnataka, although the BJP is getting ready with a special strategy in Karnataka but a repeat of 25 seats out of 28 looks to be difficult task. At the same time in Maharashtra, a coalition division may create electoral challenges for the BJP but just wait! Here, it is interesting to see that what would be the next step of Uddhav Thackeray and BJP-Shinde duo.

Now time to explore our last one electoral equations of Bihar. If the Nitish-Tejashwi alliance holds till the 2024, the mahagathbandhan and BJP vote share ratio come up with at least 42:38. Because a dent on Nitish Kumar image, a landslide of “Backwards vote” is not possible in Nitish Kumar favor this time and the BJP knows very well that how to grab such opportunities to turn electoral arithmetic.

So, sum up with conclusion, if we assume that the BJP does nearly as well in Jharkhand, Assam and hill states as it did last time, we are still looking at least 90 seats for the BJP which is more than required 65 seats from middle belt. So the BJP is in “Don’t worry” situation to retain it majority unless the opposition makes any charisma.

With Indian Politics, The Bad Youth Representation- Gets Worse

The political incompetence of the so called youth community, which accounts for 70 percent of the total population, can probably be seen in India itself, which claims to become a world leader in the next decade. It is surprising that even in the 21st century, we are talking about the participation of youth in politics, but it is even more surprising when we hear the political parties constantly saying the participation of youth in politics increasing. Now biggest question is, if it is increasing then why is it not visible ant if not visible how is it growing. Isn’t it a full of suspense, Let’s understand with an analysis.

The potential of youth is unexplored in the parliamentary undertakings of the country. While India gladly calls itself a youthful country, around 11 percent of the Indian populace comes in the age section of 25-30. In Lok Sabha 2019, barely 1.5 percent of MPs fall in this age bunch. The Census 2011 additionally lets us know that more than 25% of the Indian populace came in the age section of 25-40; this gathering represents just 12% in the seventeenth Lok Sabha. Despite the fact that the extent of youth in the parliament has expanded from the past 8% in 2014, but question is on board till now- why is under-representation of youth in the parliament. For what reason is there under-portrayal of youth in the mainstream politics, and for what reason are youth hesitant to take part in the political machinery of the country?

It is a far reaching pattern that a larger part of the young present in the ongoing political talk rises up out of political families, for example abide into dynastical governmental issues. Youngsters with practically no political foundation standing,  find it challenging to make it into the political machinery of the nation. So the young aspirants of India are needing stages which assist them with elevating themselves to the degree of political acknowledgment. They need mentorship and direction which assists them with extending their spirit of advancement and address the largest age bracket of the country. They need a medium which conquers the requirement for familial connections in the field of politics and assists them with utilizing their true capacity and energy.

It is confident that when the Indian youngsters take the issues in their grasp, the New India ideated will be more developing and charming, After this many changes will be seen, many innovative technologies will be used to design the solution of contemporary issues of India and most importantly, bureaucrats will not be able to dominate so much.  Its our responsibility to change the theme of political system, it means balance between experience and youth energy because it cannot be denied that Indian politics needs experience for better function but it is equally true that without youth energy, that New India cannot be imagined whose growth is in double digit.

Must Books For Politics

3 such amazing books that every new politician should read, 3 such books that can give you a great political career- If you read these books and understand the political intelligence mentioned in them, then your political leadership skills can turn to a surprising label. So to improve your Political Thinking and to increase your Political Intelligence – Read, Read, Read. 

Let’s talk about 1st book – The Myth of Strong Leader, In this book it has been discussed that how many factors work in establishing a new politician as a big politician,  these factors are quite interesting and also make you politically intelligent, for example a person becomes a strong leader not only because of his personality but also because of the political and social events happening around him.

Feel interesting, yes it is and after reading this book, you will be able to understand that how a person becomes a powerful Politician in a very short span of time by using the events happening around him, Is it can be true that some people can see it and other are not able to see those events, yes of course see but the problem is that their political understanding is not such that they can use those events for their own political benefits and the most interesting thing is that such events often come in everyone’s political career. but only a few people can use it.

Now our next book is “Power” written by Jeffery Pfeffer, it has been explained in this book that why some people become so powerful and others just keep on struggling, and how a person breaks all the stereotypes of leadership to become a powerful leader and creates a powerful aura around him and then with the help of this, he makes a “crown identity” in this political world full of struggles.

According to the message given in this book by Jeffery Pfeffer, only 2 things matter a lot for political success, 1st, how is your reputation among people and 2nd- how is your social network, because if you have created these two things, no one can stop you from becoming a powerful leader. And in this book, all the ways to create these two things have been explained in a very unique way, so if you want to understand how to build a strong social network along with making a powerful reputation of yourself, then this is a must read book for you. Apart from this, there are many other political intelligence lessons in this book, with which you can not only increase your political maturity but also find a new ladder of political success for yourself.

Let’s talk about third book, which is written by Machiavelli, The Chanakya of Europe, According to Machiavelli, “Politics is born from the womb of diplomacy and flourishes in the world of political-social conditions”, it is said often that to get stature, you must be social means- you must have social intelligence, yes it is obviously true, but just think can anything grow big without born.

That’s why Machiavelli said-  politics is born always around world of diplomacy and he emphasizing more on diplomacy, he also said that you can increase the pace of your political progress by learning social intelligence, but for this it is necessary that political intelligence within you and political intelligence is always born from the womb of diplomacy. So if you are really serious about your political career, then first learn political intelligence and then go towards social intelligence and to learn political intelligence, better than Machiavelli. you can’t get any Chanakya.